Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BB Top

In my last post I told you about the items I want to sew in the upcoming weeks (two dresses, top, cigarette pants, pencil skirt). 
The top is already finished:

Just a simple top à la Brigitte Bardot, with gathering at the sleeves and neck line and a little rose to make it complete.

For the skirt and one of the dresses I ordered some fabric on the internet. I expect it to arrive tomorrow.


I also did some grannies for my blanket the last couple of days:


And one of my projects (a project that didn’t work out so good, I think, haha) was featured at MyFavorite Finds, namely the Ice Cone Cake Pops. Thank you, Carrie!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Flower Dress

Finally got my yarn, so I started to crochet grannies for my blanket immediately! Well, almost :-). First I had to finish the before mentioned dress of course, the one where I crocheted the flowers for. Here is how it worked out, crochet and sewing in one dress:


And here are the few grannies I made this week for my blanket:

I have to say: I got a bit excited about the sewing from last weeks, so I think I will go on a little bit longer with it. I found some nice vintage inspired patterns and want to try them all. Try, because some of the items have things (like the zipper in a cigarette pants, for example) that I never did before. Of course I show you all the progress I make (but only if I had success with doing things like zippers or placing busks in a dress, of course, haha)! Besides the cigarette pants I want to make two dresses, a pencil skirt and a top. Hopefully my enthusiasm for sewing will stay for a while, so I finish all the before mentioned items! And for the crochet lovers: of course I will keep working on the blanket, also!

The renewed excitement about the sewing has also something to do with the blogs that featured my projects of course! This week two of my projects were featured. 

The Sweet Heart Dress was featured by Cheap Crafty Mama. Thanks, Kate!!

My Vintage Dress was featured by Crafty Cousins. Thank you, Ashlee and Natalie!!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dress for ME

My dress is finished! And I mean MY dress. I hardly make anything for myself (I rather buy), but because I saw a nice pattern I thought ‘Well, let’s give it a try’. The work description wasn’t very clear, though, so I couldn’t figure out exactly how to apply the lapel collar to the dress, and it took hours and hours of trial and error before I finished the collar. My patience was considerably put to the test. But now that the dress is hanging from a clothes hanger to show off, I’m quite content with how the dress and the collar looks! Only have to sew on some black buttons and then it's ready to wear. So, what do you think?


Next project has started already: another dress for my two year old. I want to make a crochet/sewing-combination dress. For the crochet I’m using some remaining yarns. The tutorial for the crochet flowers you can find here. For the dress itself I’m using a baby sheet. My little one has a Big Bed now, so the sheet doesn’t fit anymore. Good thing to recycle! Stay tuned to see the result in a couple of days. 


I will be going on a spring break to Menorca soon and want to take some books with me ('cause you never know, maybe there is some time left for me to read something). Any recommendations?

This three I’m gonna take anyway:
* House of Many Gods – Kiana Davenport
* The 100 Year Old Man
 who Climbed the Window and Disappeared – Jonas Jonasson
* A Short History of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last Playmat, For Now

Today we had a baby shower of a cousin of my husband, so I made a play mat. Again. 

It’s time to think of something else for a present, because I am a tiny bit bored by making play mats now. This was my fifth or sixth in a couple of months. Anyway, for a tutorial, look here.


I’m still waiting for the yarn for my blanket , which is not available in the yarn shop at the moment, but meanwhile I’m having a good time behind my sewing machine. The dress I’m working on is almost finished. Just the lapel collar (which, I find, isn’t easy at all for a not so skilled seamstress) and the hem. I think I can show you the dress later this week. The fabrics for two other projects are on their way, so I’m not bored at all without the lacking yarn. 


And… my projects are featured as much as three times this week!! Such an honor!!

The Twirly Dress is featured twice:

Once by  ‘We Like to Learn as We Go’! Thank you, Alexis!

And once by ‘These Peas Taste Funny’. Thanks, Terry!

The Crochet Blanket is also featured,
by 'Lovely Crafty Home'. Thank you, Rachael! 

   These Peas Taste Funny   Lovely Crafty Home

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crochet Heart Dress

Tomorrow my youngest daughter has a Spring Party at Kindergarten. As always they asked the mums (and dads, but for some reason dads never react to such lists) to cook, bake or otherwise make things to eat. You could fill in your name and I was the first to react. Cake Pops Ice Cones I would make. 

And now, the night before, as always I ask myself “Why?! Why did you enlist?”. Despite taking time enough for preparation (I started yesterday with baking the cake for the pops, for example), every time I end up with lack of time. The cake pops themselves where finished on time, but for some reason the candy melts didn’t melt properly, so I couldn’t dip in the pops and I had to smear the candy melts with a knife all over the pops myself. Gives not the best result, I can tell you that. And so I’m not very cheerful right now, poor husband of mine. If you have tips on how to make candy melts more fluid, please tell me!!

This is the result:


Because of the lacking yarn in the yarn shop I worked on three more sewing projects. One I finished yesterday. It’s another dress for my four year old. I combined velvet with crochet. An experiment, but I think it works out quite well. Result:

For who wants to know: the other sewing projects are a dress for me and a play mat (again).

And here’s one of the prettiest flowers in the world, I think: the lily. Especially the orange ones!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sweetheart Dress

Hope you all had a very good Mother's Day!!

And this is the other dress (if you want to know what I mean by ‘other’ check out my previous post). The inspiration for it I found at a blog called Luv in the Mummyhood (the dress at that blog comes with a tutorial), but I used a different pattern, namely the same as I used for the dress I showed you a couple of days ago, but without the upper skirt and with a hole in the backside that forms a heart. I love that heart!

And if I make a dress for one daughter, the other one obviously wants exactly the same. So I made the first mentioned dress again, but in a bigger size. I’m out of yarn for my crochet blanket and the yarn shop can’t deliver what I need at the moment, so I have to fill my days with something else anyway. My oldest daughter is four years old and she wanted to choose the fabric herself, so of course it's all pink, pink and pink. Result here:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Twirl Factor

Month after month I was addicted to crochet, but this week I rediscovered sewing. The craving for sewing comes when I find a beautiful fabric that I must have or when I see a really nice pattern. This week I saw both, so I started sewing two different dresses. The first one I show you now, the second one is minutes from being finished and will be shown later this week.

I used about 3x1½ meters of fabrics for this double dress (will be worn by a two year old), which has a major twirl factor. I love the combination of colors of this fabric: pink, fuchsia, red, orange, lime, aqua and black.

And for the readers who follow this blog because of the crochet projects: I’m still not bored with crochet, there’s even a project on the way that involves both crochet and sewing, so don’t drop out yet J.


I saw two movies this weekend that I can recommend, though both are not entirely new (in fact they are rather old; 2007 and 2008).

Jolene – to be true, as a Dolly Parton fan, at first this movie got my eye because of the title, but when I saw it was with Jessica Chastain (one of my favorite actresses since I saw The Help and The Debt), I had to see it. The movie tells about the four marriages of Jolene and how she got from one man to another. Very diverting!

Gone, Baby Gone – about the search for the missing child of an addicted mother, a couple of sickening people who unfortunately live also in this world, and some people who are trying to do the best they can. One big ethical question in the end…

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blanket Part 1

Last week I showed you some grannies I was working on, to form an afghan in the end (and who knows when that end will be; could be twenty years from now). In the meantime I have sixteen grannies total now. And the good news is: not bored yet!! Because I don’t want to leave the terrible chore of removing all loose ends until the whole afghan is finished, I already put together these sixteen grannies and got the loose ends done. And now on to the next sixteen…


And again my African Flower Tutorial is featured! This time by The Trendy Tree House.

It's so nice to know people like what I make!! 
Thanks, Trendy Tree House!


I found beautiful, beautiful orange gerberas this week:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wanted #14

Oriento SunSo by Irregular Choice
These very, very gorgeous shoes!
(Strawberry can be removed and be used as a pendant)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Playmat Tutorial

It took a while (writing a tutorial is more difficult and especially takes a lot more time than I thought), but here it is: the play mat tutorial!

What you need:
 - 20 panels of fabric size 15x15cm (6x6 inches) in colors and patterns that you like
- 1 piece of fabric size 80x95 cm (28x34 inches) for the back side
- 2 strips of fabric (same color as back side) size 10x80cm (4x28 inches)
- 2 strips of fabric (same color as back side) size 10x95cm (4x34 inches)
For the above four: this is without seams, so you have to cut some extra for seams
- 2 layers of fiber fill size 60x75cm (24x30 inches)
- 2 layers of fiber fill size 80x95cm (28x34 inches)

Step by step instructions:

* Draw fifteen 15x15 cm (6x6 inches) panels on cotton fabric in colors and designs you like. Cut the panels with extra on all sides for seams.  

 *Arrange your panels on the flour in a color pattern you like. At the picture below the rows are already pinned.

* Pin the panels in rows, as in the picture below. Lay good side on good side of the fabric, pin along the drawn lines) and sew.  Fold open, until you have four panels in a row.

* Now sew the rows together (again good side of fabric on good side, pin along the lines and sew). 

* All panels sewn together form the biggest part of the front side. It measures 60x75cm (24x30 inches) and looks like this: 

Cut two strips of 10x80cm (4x28 inches) and two strips of 10x95cm (4x34 inches), plus extra for seams. At both ends of the strips measure 10cm (4 inches) and draw a line from the corner to the measured point. Cut away the triangles. Your strips should now look like the ones in the picture below.

In this picture below you see black lines between the panels. It's bias band, just for decoration (it fits in my theme of liquorice allsorts), but isn't necessary at all.

* Pin the short sides of the strips on the edges of the panels (good side on good side). Sew exactly unto the corners. Unfold. At the picture below I first sewed the longer strips.

* Then sew the shorter of the strips. Pin the corners (good side on good side, pin and sew). Your front side is now finished and should look like this:

* For the back side of the play mat cut a piece of fabric of 80x95cm (28x34 inches). Pin onto the front side (again good side on good side) along the two longer edges and ONE shorter edge (just one, because otherwise you can't fill the play mat). 
Then turn you play mat inside out. The good sides of the fabric are on the outside now.

Your play mat now should look like this. The lower side (where you see the arrow) is still open.

* Cut two layers of fiber fill of 80x95cm (28x34 inches) and fill the play mat with it (fiber fill should be flat and without bumps, of course). 

Pin the inner sides of the black edges through all layers (fabric as well as fiber fill) and sew the layers together along the three edges (the red lines in the picture below; I didn't draw the red lines very neat, 'cause I'm not that good with the brush tool in Photoshop, but you get the idea). So you sew along the seam you made before when you sewed strips and panels.

* Now cut two layers of fiber fill of 60x75cm (24x30 inches) and fill the part in the middle of the play mat with it. Again the fiber fill should be flat and without bumps. 

Close the bottom edge along the seam, as you did in the previous step (the red line in the picture below). The part in the middle is closed now.

* Fold the fabric of the remaining edge towards the inside of the play mat. Pin and close the play mat by sewing together.

Your playmat is finished!!

Other examples of this playmat:



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